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Introducing is a deal-a-day website that features one deal at a time offering a minimum of 50% off on every deal it features all thanks to the power of group buying. Excellent deals are offered on a wide variety of services & products the Isle of Man has to offer including restaurants, salons, spa’s, golf, gyms, karting, horse riding etc. is a brand new marketing concept for local businesses. Previously, a local business has advertised in the local paper or radio station with a large up front investment required and often they see little gain in the numbers of customers that walk through the door. IsleofDeals is a 100% performance based marketing concept with NO up front costs and no long term commitment. Isleofdeals guarantees to put large numbers of new customers through the door of a business, if not, the business receives free marketing.

Consumers simply receive a great deal on every offer featured – at least 50% off or more and there are no catches. The consumer has the option to register their email address with Isleofdeals in order to be the first to find out the new unbeatable deal. IsleofDeals has a huge consumer base of contacts throughout the Island with new subscribers every day.

How does it work?

Right from the very outset, Isleofdeals works closely with a business to formulate a successful deal. The business is in total control of the promotion such as the minimum and maximum number of new customers it wants through the door, how long the promotion is valid for etc. The deal is then featured on and consumers complete the entire process through the website.

If IsleofDeals meets the minimum number of sales set by the business, it takes a portion of each voucher sold and sends a redeemable voucher to the consumer, if it doesn’t, consumers are given a refund and business receives free advertising for the day on the website and the free mailshot out on the morning of the deal to all of Isleofdeals subscribers. At the end of a successful deal IsleofDeals sends a cheque to the business for every voucher it sells.

It’s a win win for consumers as they always receive an excellent deal and it’s a win win for businesses as they receive a cheque for each new customer that actually walks through the door. It is 100% performance based marketing and businesses are actually taking money for each new customer that walks through the door instead of paying out to traditional advertising.

Further Development

IsleofDeals is currently featuring deals over a few days, this will reduce to a deal a day very shortly.

IsleofDeals has already featured deals with high profile local business including:-

  • Duke karting
  • Palace Health Club (the Sefton Group)

Several other local businesses have already signed up to feature a deal on the website.

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