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Isle of Man Grand Challenge

Do you have what it takes to be an agent of change? Do you have a viable big idea to help solve some of the world’s big challenges?

A group of high profile local organisations have joined forces with the prestigious Singularity University, based at NASA’s Research Park in Silicon Valley, to provide an opportunity for the Isle of Man’s technologists, entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow to tackle an Isle of Man Grand Challenge.

Sponsored by PokerStars, Isle of Man Grand Challenge requires two inspired individuals to take up the challenge of facilitating the development of advancing technologies and applying them to address one or more of humanity’s grand challenges.

They will each be rewarded with a place at Singularity University’s week- long Executive Programme in December 2013. The two places are worth up to $25,000 and includes flight and accommodation expenses.

Singularity University is where many of technology’s top thinkers work and exchange ideas with the world’s leading scientists, innovators and philanthropists, charged with finding technological solutions to the world’s great challenges.

Participating on the Executive Programme at the Singularity University in California will enable the two winners to keep pace with accelerating change and understand how emerging technologies will impact industry. They will also have the chance to meet top visionaries, and venture capitalists.

More information and details on how to apply can be found on the Where You Can website

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