Manx Voice | Connect2Charity set to run the Children’s University Isle of Man
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Connect2Charity set to run the Children’s University Isle of Man

¬†Connect2Charity, under the direction of Kurt Roosen (CEO of MICTA), is taking over the running of the Children’s University¬†Isle of Man.

The Children’s University is an innovative programme for 7 to 14 year olds, which encourages independent learning through fun and exciting activities. It is extracurricular, but often coordinated by schools.

Locations can register as ‘learning destinations’ and when a child spends time at one of these places they can log hours. Children receive certificates for doing a certain number of hours: Bronze for 30 hours, Silver for 65 hours and Gold for 100 hours. At the end of the school year, children can attend a graduation ceremony to receive their certificates, complete with graduation gowns!

The Children’s University Isle of Man was launched in 2012, and now boasts 40 learning destinations. Some activities include visiting Curragh’s Wildlife Park or the House of Manannan, attending dance, magic or even pottery classes, or taking part in sports such as football, swimming, or badminton.

Connect2Charity will take over the running of the programme this summer and with this change, comes a website, that is being assembled by Futuretech.

For more information, or if you want to get involved, visit

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