Manx Voice | Festival of Trees 2008
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Festival of Trees 2008

The Festival of Trees has become an annual display at Ronaldsway airport. Having started in 2001 in aid of Save the Children, it has become one of their biggest fund generators and promoters.

The first time I came across the Festival of Trees, it took my breath away. I felt like Alice in Wonderland. It was a surreal experience full of magic and inspiration. You would think that after the first year, it would have become repetitive and dull. However, not only is it not dull and boring, it actually manages to retain the magic and uniqueness every year that I experienced the first time I saw the festival. Each tree is a work of art and riot with imagination. The trees are themed, decorated and created by small Manx businesses. Anyone passing through can actually vote for their favourite tree. I can only imagine the pride of winning the best tree award, because each tree is obviously put together with pride, care and great attention.

I took my toddler son to the festival and he was in his own magical winter wonderland. He loved the rocket (though not quite so tree themed in my opinion) by Thomson Travel, but his favourite was the one with silver stars sprinkled at the bottom – Wish Upon a Star by One World Centre! I am sure that is because he did not notice the one with chocolate coins and monopoly money by Eden Park Garden Centre. I personally loved the tree made of Balloons by Balloons To Go, though the tree made out of little children’s hand prints definitely caught my attention. This is not to say that the others were not just as fascinating. You see, Santa was there having his beard curled for Christmas, there also was The Teddy Bear Tree (selling Teddies in aid of Save the Children), the table of Trees, The Opticians Letter Tree that wished a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, The Red Christmas Tree and so many more. There were more than 20 entries this year.

My biggest problem? Deciding who to give my vote for, as they were all so good. So, if you have time to pass by the airport, do go take a peek. It can make a good outing out that won’t even cost a penny bar perhaps a donation to Save the Children.

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