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Milner’s Tower

milners_tower_thumbStanding on Port Erin’s sandy beach, one of the landmarks that is clearly visible is Milner’s Tower, sitting proudly upon Bradda Head. Milner’s Tower is easily accessible from Port Erin just by following Tower Road all the way to it’s end. Once you reach the tower you can climb up the 40 steps inside it and enjoy amazing views of the surrounding landscape, and breathtaking view out to sea.

Milner’s Tower was built in 1871 in honour of William Milner, known as “The Godfather of Port Erin”. Milner, a safemaker from Liverpool, who moved to the Isle of Man shortly after 1860. Milner came to the Island following a tragic accident in Burnley where a public demonstration of the strength of one of his safes resulted in the death of a young boy. Milner, full of remorse, retired to the Isle of Man and set up a number of charities to help local residents, particularly poverty-stricken fishermen. The tower was built out of local slate as a memorial “to his many charities”. To commemorate Milner’s heritage, the tower was built in the shape of a key, with a spiral staircase inside.

The tower was meant to be built in secret as a surprise, but once Milner found out he donated much of the building cost. Milner contributed to Port Erin even after his death, St. Catherine’s church in Port Erin was erected around 1879 with money from Milner’s will.

Milner’s Tower [maptype=G_HYBRID_MAP;gpxview=all]

Milner’s Tower is only a short walk from Port Erin and if you’re visiting the south of the Island, it’s well worth a visit. After you have taken a look, you can walk through Bradda Glen along the coastal path or explore the surrounding area.

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