Manx Voice | “The Flaw” being shown in the Isle of Man
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“The Flaw” being shown in the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man International Business School (IBS) will be showing a new film on the recent financial crisis. The feature documentary “The Flaw”, directed by David Sington, will be shown on Wednesday, 24th November 2010, at 6:15pm in the Manx Museum Lecture Theatre. You can learn more about the film from the trailer below:

This is what the critics said about the movie following it’s premiere:

Eugene Hernandez, editor-in-chief of indieWIRE writes:

David Sington’s well-done new doc “The Flaw”, an exploration of the recent financial crisis that marries new interviews featuring economic experts and individual victims of the downturn with humourous scenes snipped from optimistic, informational training films of the 1950s, like “What Makes Us Tick”, an animated short that amusingly explains how the stock market works.

Not unlike Charles Ferguson’s “Inside Job”, Sington’s film aims to make sense of the economic crisis. As depressing as the Ferguson film, “The Flaw” delivers its message with a bit of sugar-coating to make it all the more digestible.

Val Kermode writes on Eyeforfilm:

Will you go to see a film about the American financial crisis of 2008? I hope you will, because this is one of the best films I’ve seen in a long time.

David Sington has made a film which is hugely entertaining and hugely insightful. This is a film without commentary, and there are no Michael Moore-type stunts. Instead Sington has found a range of economists and experts who explain in clear language the roots of the crisis.

Date and Time: Wednesday, 24th November 2010, at 6:15pm
Venue: Manx Museum Lecture Theatre, Kingswood Grove, Douglas.
Entrance Fee: £5; Students £4
Ticket sales: IBS Marketing Office (693704), Villa Marina Box Office (600555; pay by card), our IBS Facebook page (pay via Paypal) and at the entrance just before the screening (subject to availability).

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