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ArtworkX of Mann

ArtworkX of Mann, a new concept in Art Promotion and Marketing, started up in the Isle of Man in November 2009. They provide a marketplace for a number of talented artists to showcase their work, meet potential buyers and have their work displayed both online and in a number of venues both on-Island and further afield. Roberto Edmanson-Harrison, the brains behind the operation had this to say about the business:

Our website is now regarded by most outsiders as ‘The Home of Manx & Celtic Art’ within the British Isles and it is constantly growing and so too are the number of Artists being represented via our website. The site itself offers each artist their own webpage profile and mini gallery to display and sell up to 20 images of their artwork as Originals or as a prints. The Artists each sign a 12 month contract and then pay a modest fee to have a webpage created and help cover some of the associated costs of running the site, advertising, promotion in newspaper, Internet, radio and other media. In addition, to this We actively seek out commissions for each artist offline and liaise with other off-island galleries and Art fairs to help promote, display and market their work.

The main aim behind ArtworkX of Mann is to help raise awareness of Manx artists both on and off Island. They even aspire to create and nurture the possibility of Art Tourism on the Isle of Man. The Island already has a number of Festivals that help draw visitors to our shore, whether these be racing or music; an Art Festival could be another option and ArtworkX of Mann believe that the Island certainly has enough local talent to make this a possibility. Roberto added:

It always makes me smile when I think of the amount of Artistic talent there is on this Island. When you express it in percentage terms to the actual number of Island Inhabitants, the number is simply staggering. I’ve spoken to over 200 Artists and Crafts-people on Island and I consider this only the tip of the iceberg. We’re proud to say that we now represent over 20 local Artists but look forward to increasing that number.

You can currently see some of the talents they represent by visiting the Art Exhibition being held at Villa Marina on the first floor gallery space. This Exhibition is a follow up to the first island Exhibition they held back in June this year at the St.Ninian’s Parish Centre, during the TT race period, which had an estimated 1800 visitors over a ten day period. It’s free to the public and showcasing art till 11th January. They also have a number other exhibitions planned which can be seen on their Events Page.

You can learn more about them from their promotional video:

If you’re an Artist interested in displaying your work with ArtworkX of Mann, just head down to their website and sign up with their Artist Registration Form

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