Manx Voice | Last days of the Crossroads Caring for Carers Christmas Market
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Last days of the Crossroads Caring for Carers Christmas Market

Crossroads Caring for Carers have been running a Charity Christmas Market at the Strand Shopping Centre in Douglas to help raise funds for their cause. The Christmas Fair is themed around Arts and Crafts and if you’re stumped for a gift there’s no better place to gain some inspiration.

Click on the flyer to see more details:

If you’re curious about Crossroads Caring for Carers, here’s a bit more about what they’re about:

Our vision

Crossroads Care wants every carer to be recognised, supported and offered services to help them maintain their own health and wellbeing.

Our mission

Crossroads Care:

  • provides services that respond to the needs of carers and the people they support, offering them peace of mind and understanding
  • works with them and other stakeholders to influence service innovation and growth

Our values

Crossroads Care places carers and the people they support at the heart of everything we do

  • trust – we understand that our services only respond to carers’ needs when they can trust us to care for the person they support
  • involvement – carers and the people they support drive Crossroads Care service design and development
  • quality – we ensure that our services are high quality, flexible, responsive and continually improving
  • family friendly – we recognise that our service impacts on families and friends – not just the carer and the person they support – and so we design our services with that in mind
  • availability and accessibility – we work to make our services available and accessible to as many carers and people they support as possible
  • dignity and respect – we always treat carers and the people they support with dignity and respect
  • working for change – we work proactively with government and policy makers at national and local level to influence legislation and practice
  • partnership working – we actively explore opportunities for establishing joint projects and relationships with other organisations that will improve services for carers and the people they support
  • learning – we learn from the good practice of others in order to improve our services for carers and the people they support and we encourage others to learn from us.

The Crossroads Caring for Carers fair is running till 7:00pm tonight and from 9:00am till 9:00pm tomorrow. Check them out for some great gifts and if you want to support the great work they are doing in the community.

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