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Onchan Carers and Tots Sessions for Kids

One of my favourite things about the Isle of Man is how, as a general rule, safe it is. I like that my children are growing in a place where they can be children and where you can actually let them play outside without any fear. On the other hand, the weather is not always great, so it is a must to find things to do especially with pre-school children. And although we tend to complain that there are not many places to go to on our little Isle, there are quite a few MUMS & TOTS around. One of my son’s favourite Mums & Tots is in Onchan. Jill Dugdale runs a “Carers and Tots” play session on a Friday from 1.15pm until 3.15pm at the Onchan Parish Hall in Royal Avenue, Onchan. This is run during term time.

Jill heads the group

There is plenty to do from baby to pre-schooler. They have a large play mat area for babies to crawl around on. There are also lots of toys suitable for infants, as well as baby bouncers and walkers. For the slightly older child there are puzzles, play dough and cutters, colouring activities, a toy garage and cars, a fully equipped dolls house and loads more. However, what I really think seems to make the place a winner with the kids are the trikes and ride on toys. But the place is not just a winner with the children, but with the adults too and it is not just the tea and biscuits that makes it a winner. It is the friendliness and the knowledge that your child is safe and having great fun.

The Team

But personally, I think it is all the love that Jill and her volunteers put in. They go out of their way to make you feel welcome and always have a moment to have a chat. They even organise Christmas Parties and give the children presents for Easter and Christmas, as well as outings such as a trip to Ramsey and even a lunch out. It only costs a pound per child but then it does cover the cost for teas, coffees, biscuits and the occasional outing. So if you have a pre-schooler, you must pop over for a visit.

If you need to contact Jill directly to find out any more information, you can call her on 625328. Otherwise, I am sure we will meet next Friday!

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