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Bake & Decorate – Fiona Cairns

I am sure by now the author of this wonderfully simple cookbook  needs no introducing, when looking through this book and at some of the recipes it was a little bit overwhelming and my first impressions were that the recipes and techniques had been over simplified.  However once again the old cliche ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ was definitely appropriate.

I attempted something quick and simple for the first recipe as I was going on holiday and madeclassic shortbread and the results were positively astounding! it was without doubt the nicest shortbread I have ever tasted, and 10 days later the uneaten shortbread was still crunchy and melted in the mouth.

Once back off holiday I attempted something more elaborate and a friends birthday was coming up so I attempted the Chocolate Spiral on P144, and whilst not looking as well finished as the one in the book it was deceptively easier than ‘first impressions’ and created that wow factor at the party.  Will post photo’s in seperate post.

Amongst a saturated market of baking books this one stands out and has definitely earned it’s place on my bookshelf.  It also highlights why Fiona Cairns was chosen to bake the royal wedding cake.

The RRP for Bake & Decorate is £12.99, but you can get it cheaper online using the Amazon link show on the right.

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