How far in advance can you book train tickets UK?

You can usually book train tickets in the UK up to 12 weeks in advance, these are called Advance train tickets and are generally cheaper than booking nearer to the departure date.

How long in advance can you book train tickets in the UK?

Advance tickets are generally not available earlier than 12 weeks before the date of travel. Once train times are confirmed, Advance tickets will begin to appear in our Journey Planner.

How many months in advance can you book train tickets?

You can reserve your ticket 60 days in advance, excluding the date of journey at the train originating station. At intermediate stations where the train arrives the following day, reservation can be done 61 days in advance. In the case of some intercity day express trains, the advance reservation period is less.

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Can I book train ticket before 3 months?

Essentially, passengers will be able to reserve train tickets up to four months in advance. “Ministry of Railways has decided to increase the advance reservation period of all Specials notified from 30 days to 120 days,” it said in a statement on Thursday.

How many days in advance train tickets can be booked?

Advance reservations are made generally up to 120 days in advance for all classes and all trains. The period of advance reservation (ARP) is exclusive of the day of departure of the train.

Can I use my advance ticket on an earlier train?

Advance fares are valid only on the date and train shown on the ticket and seat reservation and are non-refundable. You can however change the time or date of travel before departure of the first reserved train.

Can I get an earlier train with an off-peak ticket?

This depends on the ticket type; flexible tickets can be used on earlier trains providing the earlier train is also within the timings of the ticket purchased. So, for example if you want to travel with a super off-peak ticket you can travel on an earlier train providing it is also a Super off-peak permitted journey.

Is waiting ticket allowed in special train in 2021?

As per the SOP, fully waiting list tickets are not being permitted to travel by train and enter into the stations. The Unreserved Tickets (UTS) are now being permitted for travel in these trains only on which such unreserved journey has been permitted.

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Is offline train tickets available now 2021?

The Indian Railways on Thursday said all facilities of booking and cancellation of reserved tickets will be available from May 22, including at counters available in railway premises. The decision was taken as Railway Minister Piyush Goyal said “we have to take India towards normalcy”.

How many tickets can you book a month?

An individual user can book a maximum of six tickets in a calendar month. Booking can be done against General (GN), Senior Citizen (SS), Ladies (LD) and Tatkal (TQ) quota berths/seats only.

Is General ticket available now in 2021?

Yes, the Railways is now giving passengers a chance to travel without reservation. You can travel on unreserved tickets in general coaches.

How many days before we can book flight?

“Approximately 21-25 days advance booking for domestic flights and 45-60 days for international flights works best,” says Jayasankar.

How can I book train tickets before 2 hours?

Rail users can hunt for vacant seats or berths and book tickets four hours before a train departs. Passengers can book a ticket by accessing the IRCTC website, pay online, or ask ticket-checkers on board to book the ticket and pay online — using debit or credit cards, UPI or cash.

Can I book train ticket before 1 hour?

Indian Railways will now allow booking and cancellation of tickets till five minutes before the train leaves the station.

How late can I book train tickets?

A: You can reserve your tickets through Indian Railways booking counters from 8:00 in the morning till 8:00 in the night, on all days except Sundays. On Sundays, the booking centers are open from 8:00 in the morning till 2:00 in the noon.

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Can I get train ticket on the same day?

VIKALP is reservation scheme where waitlisted passengers can opt for confirmed seats in alternate trains running on the same route, on the same day. This facility is subject to seat and train availability and doesn’t attract any additional charges.