How many people in Ireland are waiting for a driving test?

Figures released by the Road Safety Authority, show 105,216 people are now waiting for a driving test, while a further 119,253 people are on the theory test list.

How many people are on the waiting list for driving test?

Nearly 58,000 people are on the waiting list for a driving test. According to Freedom of Information figures released to Newstalk, 15 test centres have over 1,000 people on their waiting list.

How many driving testers are in Ireland?

Open in Excel: A total of 2,820,528 Irish driving licences were held at the end of 2016, of which almost a quarter of one million (249,657) were learner permit licences.

How many people fail their driving test in Ireland?

Recent figures from the Irish Road Safety Authority show that approximately 48% of candidates fail their driving test each year. Here are the top eight reasons why people fail the driving test in Ireland. According to recent figures, almost half of all driving tests conducted in a single year are failed.

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What is the average waiting time for a driving test?

In rural areas, like some test centres within Scotland, for instance, waiting times are usually comparatively short. Areas with higher population densities, on the other hand, tend to have much longer driving test waiting times. London test centres, for instance, have waiting times of 12 weeks and longer.

How long is Irish driving test?

The test lasts about 30 to 40 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

What are automatic fails on a driving test in Ireland?

Inadequate observation moving off, at junctions, at roundabouts and when changing lanes. Failure to anticipate the actions of other drivers. Incorrect road position on the straight, on bends, turning left, turning right, at roundabouts, and when overtaking.

Can you drive straight after passing your test Ireland?

Can I drive on my own after passing my test? As you have passed the driving test you will be issued a certificate of competence. Only once you are in possession of a full valid driving licence are you legally allowed to drive while unaccompanied. Here are your next steps (when the initial celebrations are done).

Can I drive straight after passing my test?

Don’t worry about the wait, though—you can legally drive independently as soon as you’ve passed your driving test. All of this means that you’re free to hit the road straight from the test centre! However, there are some good reasons why you may want to give it a miss.

How many Grade 2 is a fail?

A combination of 3 or more unanswered or incorrectly answered questions on the Rules of the Road/ Checks, constitutes a grade 2 fault.

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Where is the hardest place to pass your driving test Ireland?

Rathgar in Dublin is the location of the State’s driving centre with the highest failure rate, while Sligo town has the highest success rates. Some 57.1 per cent of applicants who took the test in Rathgar failed, according to the latest statistics available from the Road Safety Authority (RSA).

What is the pass rate for driving test first time?

Test Centres A – E, Page 1

1st attempts pass %
Barking (London) 3394 34.1
Barnet (London) 3154 37.6
Barnsley 2334 41.3
Barnstaple 1399 50.4

What are the most common reasons for failing a driving test?

The most common driving test fails

  • Observation at junctions.
  • Use of mirrors when changing direction.
  • Lack of control when steering.
  • Turning right at a junction.
  • Moving off unsafely.
  • Incorrect response to traffic lights.
  • Lack of control when moving off.
  • Incorrect positioning during normal driving.

What is the pass rate for theory test 2021?

There are over 700 questions in the official question bank so you must have a wide range of knowledge! The Hazard Perception pass mark is 44 out of 75. You must score a pass in both sections of the Driving Theory Test to pass the overall test.

Theory Test Pass Rate
2019/20 47.7%

What percentage of drivers pass second time?

If you fail your first test, it’s really easy to let it knock your confidence going forward. But you should remember, you’re not alone in this. In fact, 47.6% of learner drivers pass on their second attempt, so you’ve got nothing to worry about.

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