Is Estuary English spreading?

‘There is no doubt the London dialect we have come to call estuary has spread out across the south-east,’ he says, ‘but research has shown that northern accents and dialects have withstood its spread.

Is estuary an English standard?

Estuary English is an English accent associated with the area along the River Thames and its estuary, including London. Phonetician John C. Wells proposed a definition of Estuary English as “Standard English spoken with the accent of the southeast of England”.

Is Estuary English posh?

English Accents – Estuary. Spoken by a growing number of people in the south of the country, Estuary is an English accent which is hard to describe. Somewhere between cockney (South East London) and the received pronunciation of newsreaders, it is far from posh and almost classless.

Is Estuary English Rhotic?

London and greater Thames Estuary accents are non-rhotic: that is, the consonant /r/ (phonetically [ɹ]) occurs only before vowels.

Where is Estuary English spoken?

Estuary English is a name given to the form(s) of English widely spoken in and around London and, more generally, in the southeast of England — along the river Thames and its estuary.

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What is meant by Estuary English?

Estuary English is a contemporary variety of British English: a mixture of non-regional and southeastern English pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary, which is thought to have originated around the banks of the River Thames and its estuary. Also known as Cockneyfied RP and Nonstandard Southern English.

Who coined the term Estuary English?

The term ‘Estuary English’ was coined as long ago as 1984 by David Rosewarne, an EFL teacher. He characterized it as ‘a variety of modified regional speech […] a mixture of non-regional and local south-eastern English pronunciation and intonation.

What is Essex accent called?

Brummie. Possibly the cutest name on our list, this accent is actually one of the most ridiculed in the UK – which is quite mean, because clearly people from Essex have never heard themselves speak.

Is Surrey accent posh?

Our accent isn’t quite posh, but it’s not not posh… 4. Everyone to the south of the M25 owns a gillet and a fluffy hat.

Is Kent accent posh?

In case you haven’t heard of it, Kent is the county just south of London, full of fields and peak rural views. A lot of people tend to group it with London, but it’s a far cry from the Big Smoke. It’s posher, has less pollution and no tube stations. So, how do you know if you’re in the presence of a Kentish creature?

What is Ricky Gervais accent?

Working-Class Southern Accent (David Brent in The Office)

Of all the British TV characters who demonstrate the general southern English accent, David Brent epitomizes it. As he comes out with his cringe-inducing phrases and sayings, it’s with the Reading dialect of Ricky Gervais’ own accent that he does so.

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What is Gordon Ramsay’s accent?

Ramsay, originally from Johnstone, Renfrewshire, has racked up more than one million views with the TikTok roasting. But some branded his attempt at a broad Scots accent “embarrassing”. One said: “A Scottish man, but can tell the Scottish accent is forced.”

What is the difference between Cockney and Estuary English?

Cockney is the local London accent, and it tends to spread further out to places like Kent, Essex, Surrey. There’s a newer version of Cockney called “Estuary English”. If you think an estuary is connected to a river, so the River Thames which flows across the country, goes quite a long way west.

Why are estuaries important?

Estuaries Are Critical Natural Habitats

Thousands of species of birds, mammals, fish and other wildlife depend on estuarine habitats as places to live, feed and reproduce. And many marine organisms, including most commercially-important species of fish, depend on estuaries at some point during their development.