Question: What’s the steepest hill in London?

Swain’s Lane averages around 8% gradient and maxing at 20% over 900 metres, making it a way off an alpine ascent on paper. But it’s become a fixture of London’s cycling culture.

What gradient is Muswell Hill?

Muswell Hill

It’s a gem. Wide enough with the bus lane so you don’t feel hemmed in, steep enough at an 8.6% average that it’s a great test, good road surface and, joy of joys, there’s no traffic lights to interrupt you, so you get a straight run at it.

How steep is Sydenham Hill?

As a result, Sydenham Hill is one of the highest points in London at 367 feet (112 m).

How steep is the hill to Alexandra Palace?

Alexandra Palace Way

The road leading up to Ally Pally from the south (past the garden centre) averages only 5 per cent over its 0.6-mile distance, but that is still plenty enough to build lactic acid in your legs and leave you out of breath.

How steep is Foxhill?

1.5 miles // 2.4km, 4.3% gradient

Being steep and long enough to break up the group and create the selection, Fox Hill dictates how the rest of the race unfolds. Lionel explains how this climb feels for every racer: “From now on it’s all about committing to the effort, there is no place to hide on Fox Hill.

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What is the gradient of Haverstock Hill?

Havestock Hill has an average gradient of 3.5 per cent, with short parts nudging five per cent, and is described as Camden’s steepest A-road.

How high is Highgate Hill?

Highgate is 136m above sea level at its highest point. The area is divided among three London boroughs: Haringey in the north, Camden in the south and west, and Islington in the south and east.

How long is Sydenham Hill?

Dulwich Park and Sydenham Hill Wood is a 4.3 mile loop trail located near Lambeth, London, England that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

Is Alexandra Palace on a hill?

Alexandra Palace is a Grade II listed entertainment and sports venue in London, situated between Wood Green and Muswell Hill in the London Borough of Haringey. It is built on the site of Tottenham Wood and the later Tottenham Wood Farm.