Your question: Which is the largest forest in the UK?

Galloway Forest in Scotland is the UK’s largest forest at 297 square miles. The next largest is England’s Kielder Forest in Northumberland which is 235 square miles.

What is the most forested part of the UK?

Welsh forests do not feature in the top 10 although a close contender is Clocaenog Forest in West Denbighshire/Conwy Wales, which is 100 km² (40 miles²) in area.

The top ten largest forests in the UK.

Name Galloway Forest Park
Region Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland
km2 770
miles2 297

Is the New forest the biggest forest in the UK?

The New Forest National Park area covers 566 km2 (219 sq mi), and the New Forest SSSI covers almost 300 km2 (120 sq mi), making it the largest contiguous area of unsown vegetation in lowland Britain.

Where is the largest woodland in England?

Wyre Forest National Nature Reserve (NNR) extended by almost 900 hectares (60 percent) to now cover over 1,455 hectares. Wyre Forest has today become the largest woodland National Nature Reserve (NNR) in England.

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What is the largest man made forest in UK?

The largest man-made forest in England, Kielder Forest surrounds Kielder Village and Kielder Water reservoir making it a particularly picturesque and popular location.

Which UK county has the most trees?

Surrey is the most densely wooded county in England, with more than one-fifth of its land area covered by trees. The south-east corner of Britain has always had more trees than the rest of the UK and has 14.1% woodland, compared with the Yorkshire and Humber area, which has only 6%.

Where are the biggest trees in the UK?

A beech tree in Newtimber Woods on the Devil’s Dyke estate in West Sussex has been declared the tallest native tree in Britain. Measuring a staggering 44m tall (144ft), the champion tree is thought to be almost 200 years old.

Where is the Forest of Dean?

The Forest of Dean (Welsh: Fforest y Ddena) is a geographical, historical and cultural region in the western part of the county of Gloucestershire, England.

What is the oldest forest in the UK?

Up to 1,000 years old

Its roots are set deep into the 450-acre Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, famously the stomping ground of the world’s favourite outlaw, Robin Hood.

Are there any forests in the UK?

How many forests are there in the UK? According to the latest report by Forest Research, which was released in June 2021, the UK has 1.41 million hectares, including all Forestry Commission, Forestry and Land Scotland, Natural Resources Wales, Forest Service woodland.

What is the best forest in the UK?

Best UK forests to explore

  • Ashdown Forest. …
  • Grizedale Forest. …
  • Forest of Dean. …
  • Loch Ard Forest. …
  • Epping Forest. …
  • Hatfield Forest. …
  • Thetford Forest. …
  • Swinley Forest. If daredevil adventure is your game, Swinley Forest is geared up for some pretty hardcore outdoor pursuits.
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How much of UK was forest?

The total certified woodland area in the UK at 31 March 2021 is 1.41 million hectares, including all Forestry England/Forestry and Land Scotland/Welsh Government Woodland Estate/Forest Service woodland. Overall, 44% of the UK woodland area is certified.

Which is the most wooded county in England?

Surrey is England’s most wooded county, with woodland covering over a fifth of the county, approximately 24%. A quarter of these are recorded as ancient woodland, areas rich in wildlife that have been part of the Surrey landscape for centuries.

How big is the Northumberland forest?

Forest Services is responsible for managing approximately 2,225 hectares (5,500 acres) of mainly forested land, known as the Northumberland County Forest.

How many ancient woodlands are there in the UK?

The Ancient Woodland Inventory identifies over 52,000 ancient woodland sites in England.

How big is the Sherwood Forest?

Today Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve encompasses 424.75 hectares (1,049.6 acres), surrounding the village of Edwinstowe, the site of Thoresby Hall.