Can I do my medical residency in Ireland?

The International Residency Training Programme in Internal Medicine is a three-year training programme, fully delivered in Ireland, certified by RCPI and recognised for registration purposes by the SCFHS. It has been designed to train doctors in the secondary care and prevention of adult disease and illness.

Can foreign doctors work in Ireland?

The Irish healthcare system heavily relies on foreign-trained doctors, as around 42% of doctors in the country come from overseas, making it the 3rd highest in the world. This means that there is no shortage of jobs at Irish hospitals, and foreign-trained doctors should have no trouble finding one.

Can a US doctor practice in Ireland?

Doctors trained outside of the EU/EEA

If you have trained outside of the EU or EEA, you will need to have your medical education credentials verified through the Electronic Portfolio of International Credentials (EPIC) before you can apply for registration with the Irish Medical Council.

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How do I move to Ireland as a doctor?

Before you arrive into Ireland, you will need to have:

  1. An Irish Medical Council registration certificate.
  2. A letter of employment for immigration purposes which we will provide.
  3. Permission to work as a doctor in Ireland through the Atypical working visa (if required) for locum work of six months or less.

How do I become a permanent resident in Ireland?

You are entitled to permanent residence in Ireland if you have lived here legally for a continuous period of 5 years. You can apply for a permanent residence certificate, but this is not mandatory. Your continuous residence is not affected by some temporary absences: Absences of less than 6 months per year.

Are doctors paid well in Ireland?

Doctor – Average Salary in Ireland

The average salary for a Doctor is €134,131 gross per year (€11,180 gross per month), which is 233% higher than the national average salary in Ireland. Doctor Salary Range: a Doctor can expect an average starting basic salary of €30,689 (excluding overtime).

Is it better to work as a doctor in Ireland or UK?

The UK doesn’t even make the top ten. Furthermore, doctors also enjoy higher salaries in Ireland than in the UK. A junior doctor’s salary in the UK ranges between $29,000 to $40,000. And yet, in Ireland, the same doctor could earn anywhere between €43,000 to €51,000, according to researchers.

What do doctors earn in Ireland?

The average salary for a doctor is € 60,706 per year in Ireland. In the last 12 months, the average wage has increased by 1.55% compared to the previous year.

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Can a US MD work in Europe?

American doctors hoping to work in Europe would normally have to re-do their residencies before practicing independently. The United States also has strict policies regarding medical licensing—a doctor is only allowed to practice in the U.S. once he has obtained a license in the state in which he intends to work.

Is there a shortage of doctors in Ireland?


The President of the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) Dr John Duddy has today warned that Public Health Services, and particularly public hospitals, are facing another year of a shortage of doctors across all the specialties as the trend of emigration continues.

Which country is best for foreign doctors to work?

Countries With The Most Foreign Trained Doctors

Rank Country % Of Doctors Who Are Foreign Trained (in selected countries), Source: OECD
1 Israel 58.00
2 New Zealand 42.60
3 Ireland 36.10
4 Australia 30.50

How hard is it to be a doctor in Ireland?

To become a doctor in the Republic of Ireland, you have to achieve no worse than straight A1s in at least five subjects and one A2. This means your total points score must tally at least 570 out of 600. Some medical colleges don’t accept students with fewer than 590 points, according to (reference 1).

Which country pays highest salary to doctors?

1: Luxembourg. A surprise winner – Luxembourg tops the list! A small nation with just above six-hundred-thousand, Luxembourg offers a cultural mix between its neighbours Germany and France. This is reflected in the three official languages; German, French and the national language of Luxembourgish.

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What is the easiest country to become a doctor in?

In What Country Is It Easiest to Become a Doctor?

  • India has one of the shortest medical school programs at four and a half years. …
  • Germany requires the completion of a five-year education program to become a doctor. …
  • Six years of undergraduate study must be completed to become a doctor in Nigeria.

Can UK doctors work in Ireland?

The Irish Republic is an oddity as, being part of a common work area, a doctor from the UK should be able to work in Southern Ireland, regardless of Brexit. House prices are reasonable, schooling is of a high standard, and after working in Ireland for some years, you can gain an Irish passport.