Frequent question: Can I rent a car in UK with European license?

If you are using an EU or EAA Licence you are free to hire a car and drive in the UK. You only need to exchange if you become a UK resident. If you obtain UK residence your EU licence expires 3 years after, or if you turn 70, or if the document expires within that time, whatever comes first.

Can I rent a car with EU licence?

The very short answer is yes; you can hire a car or van as long as you’re a fully qualified driver, and you’re prepared with all the additional documentation that might be required of you.

Can foreigners rent a car in the UK?

If you have a non-EU driver’s licence, then you’ll also need to present your passport and an International Driving Permit (IDP). All customers hiring a car in the UK should take along their passport as a form of identity. Not presenting one may mean the booking is refused and you’ll still be charged.

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Do you need an international drivers license to rent a car in UK?

Information On Renting a Car in the UK

As an American, you do not need an international driver’s license to rent a car/drive in the UK. You will, however, need your passport and a valid, state-issued driver’s license to present when renting your car.

Are Europeans allowed to drive in the UK?

EU driving license in UK: If you have a European Union (EU)/European Economic Area (EEA) licence. It is possible to drive in the UK with an EU licence – Holders of a licence issued in EU/EEA nations can drive in the United Kingdom until the document expires.

Can I drive in UK with EU license after Brexit?

EU licence-holders visiting the UK can continue to drive using their EU licence without needing an International Driving Permit. … This means an EU licence must be changed to a UK licence at the age of 70, or three years after the driver becomes resident, whichever is later.

Can I rent a car with new license?

We noticed an increased demand for car rental services among drivers who have recently received their driving licence, and saw an opportunity to serve the market.” With this new service, any person who recently received his or her driving license will be able to rent cars from Tribecar.

Can tourists rent a car in UK?

To rent a car in the UK, you’ll need: Driver’s license. Valid ID (Driver’s license or passport can be used; for non-EU visitors, an International Driver Permit is required if your license is not written in English.) International travelers must also show passport, proof of return travel & residency information.

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Can I rent a car if my license is expired UK?

So our answer is: Yes! Here at Indigo Car Hire, you will be able to hire a car in UK even if your driving licence photo card is expired. This deal isn’t available countrywide, but only in few main locations across the country.

Can I rent a car without a passport?

The car hire company staff will ask to see some proof of your identity. This could be your passport, or proof of address if you’re hiring in your own country. Some car hire companies ask for two separate proofs of address. These could be a utility bill and a bank statement, for example, both in the main driver’s name.

Can I use international driving license in UK?

In short: International licence holders visiting the UK can drive on their valid foreign licence for up to 12 months from when they become resident. – If your licence is from the European Economic Area, you can use it until you turn 70 years old.

Which countries accept international license?

List of countries that have agreed to accept the 1949 United Nations Convention on road traffic covering acceptance of the International Driving Permit.

Countries accepting International Driving Permit.

Albania Guatemala Peru
Algeria Guyana Philippines
Argentina Haiti Poland
Australia Honduras Portugal
Austria Hong Kong Romania

What is an international driving licence UK?

An International Driving Permit is a permit that allows you to drive in countries where a UK licence alone is not sufficient. These countries include the USA, Turkey, Brazil and Japan, among others.

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How long can I drive a UK car in Europe?

Many UK insurers offer a maximum of 90 days of full cover in Europe, thereafter basic 3rd party cover only. Some may offer longer, for an increased premium, and there are also some Spanish insurers who will cover vehicles on UK plates.

Which country driving licence is valid in UK?

You can drive in the UK for up to 12 months on a licence issued in a ‘designated country’ (Andorra, Australia, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands, Faroe Islands, Hong Kong, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Republic of North Macedonia, Singapore, South Africa, …

How much does it cost to change EU driving licence to UK?

To exchange your license, the process is pretty simple. You will need to complete an application form. This is available online at or via most post offices. Return it to the DVLA along with your license and the standard £50 fee for exchanging licenses.