Is China still exporting goods to UK?

China exported £63.5bn of goods to the UK in 2021, including more than £6bn each of office and telecoms tech – around £12bn more than came in from Germany and £26bn more than from the United States. Chinese goods accounted for a seventh of total imports.

Is the UK still importing from China?

Data from the Department for International Trade showed that the UK imported £40.5bn more from China than it exported to the country in the year to June 2021 – up from the £11.8bn deficit in the previous 12 months. Goods imports from China surged by 38% surge while UK exports declined by 34%.

Is China exporting goods 2020?

In 2020, China exported approximately 2.6 trillion U.S. dollars worth of goods. This indicated a growth in export value of nearly four percent compared to the previous year.

How much does the UK rely on China?

Total UK imports from China amounted to £68.5 billion in the four quarters to the end of Q3 2021 (an increase of 33.5% or £17.2 billion compared to the four quarters to the end of Q3 2020).

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Who does the UK trade with?

Main points. The top five UK trading partners by total trade in goods, excluding unspecified goods in the first half (January to June) of 2020 were the United States (US), Germany, China, the Netherlands and France; they accounted for 46.0% of UK total trade in goods, excluding unspecified goods in this period.

What is China’s main export 2020?

China’s biggest export products by value in 2020 were mobile phones, computers, electronic integrated circuits, solar power diodes, semi-conductors and automotive parts or accessories. In aggregate, those major exports account for 22.4% of the China’s overall exports sales.

What is China biggest export?

China’s Top Exports

The most prominent goods among the finished products exported from China were consumer electronics, data processing technologies, clothing, other textiles, optical gear, and medical equipment.

Why do we trade with China?

It supports US jobs.

While expanding foreign trade can disrupt US employment, trade with China also creates and supports a significant number of American jobs. Exports to China support nearly 1 million US jobs, and Chinese companies invested in the United States employ over 120,000 workers.

Who are UK’s biggest trading partners?

United Kingdom’s Top Trading Partners

  • United States: US$59.9 billion (13% of total UK exports)
  • Switzerland: $39.5 billion (8.6%)
  • Germany: $38.8 billion (8.4%)
  • Netherlands: $34.3 billion (7.5%)
  • France: $25.6 billion (5.6%)
  • Ireland: $22.2 billion (4.8%)
  • China: $20.9 billion (4.5%)
  • Belgium: $19.7 billion (4.3%)

What do we import from China?

The United States continues to import food from China, including $4.6 billion worth in 2017 alone. Top imports include fruits and vegetables, snack foods, spices and tea. In 2019, for example, the U.S. imported $89 million worth of tea and $300 million worth of apple juice.

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Does the UK get food from China?

The import data for the first 6 months of 2018 was collected from HM Revenue & Customs and broken down into countries and categories.

Other UK Food and Drink Import Facts.

Country Category Item
China Meat Fish (frozen)
Colombia Fruit and Vegetables Bananas and plantains
Comoros Ingredients Herbs and spices

What is the best product to import to UK?

The most popular category of imports to the UK is food and produce. This includes fish fillets from Iceland, sheep and goat meat from New Zealand and wine from Chile. 13 countries top export item to the UK is gold.

What does the UK import the most?

Top 10 Import Goods

HS Code Import USD$
(84) Industrial Machinery $84,159,197,374
(87) Motor Vehicles & Parts $74,840,662,325
(85) Electrical Machinery $61,743,008,574
(27) Oil & Mineral Fuels $56,262,381,224