Question: How much is a Russian visa UK?

How much does a Russian visa cost in the UK? A Russian visa for tourists will cost anything between £100 to £150 in the UK for a single-entry visa and around £150 to £200 for a double-entry visa.

Does UK citizen need visa for Russia?

British passport holders require a visa to travel to the Russian Federation.

How do I get a Russian visa in UK?

The UK visa application process is quick and easy:

  1. Apply and pay online at
  2. Register on the Teleperformance website.
  3. Attend your appointment at the UK Visa Application Centre in Moscow with your documents.
  4. You will receive an email once your application has been processed.

How can my Russian girlfriend stay in the UK?

After you are married, your Russian wife can stay in the UK. Whilst the fiancé/ fiancée visa can only be applied from abroad, the marital relationship/ spouse visa that you will apply for after you are married can be applied for in-country (in the UK).

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How long is a flight from Russia to UK?

The total flight duration from Moscow, Russia to London, United Kingdom is 3 hours, 37 minutes.

Is it hard to get a Russian visa?

Keep in mind most visitors need a visa to enter Russia. Getting one is not difficult. All you need to do is go to your local Russian embassy and apply for one. However, before you apply you will need to have an invitation letter.

Can I get a Russian visa online?

eVisas allow visitors to apply for their Russian visa entirely online in minutes, from anywhere in the world. Passport copies, online application form, and other documents required for the visa can be submitted online. Until now, eVisas were available for specific Russian regions.

How long does a Russian visa take to get?

After submitting your visa application, you will get your Russian visa within 3 to 14 days (depending on the fee you pay). Consular Fees: You will need to pay the consular fee and the visa processing fee, which depend on the type of visa, the country where you apply, and your citizenship.

How long does it take to get a Russian visa for a UK citizen?

regular (issuing time 4-20 business days); urgent (1-3 business days).

How long does it take to get a Russian visa UK?

You’ll need to get a visa from the Russian Embassy before you travel. Processing times are up to 20 business days for standard service or up to 3 business days for urgent service depending upon the visa category applied for and the application itself.

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How do I get a Russian tourist voucher?

The quickest and the simplest way to order a tourist voucher is to purchase it from a travel provider like us. The process is easy and secure. As per Russian consulate rules the required travel documents are called “Tourist voucher” and “Tourist confirmation document stamped and signed by authorised person”.

Can I bring my girlfriend to the UK?

You need to be earning a certain amount, or have enough savings, in order to bring your partner to the UK to live. This is called ‘meeting the financial requirement’. You don’t need to meet the financial requirement if you have refugee status or humanitarian protection.

How much does it cost for UK tourist visa?

Standard Visitor visa – for UK, Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey

Visa types Visa application fee (INR)
Short-term (up to 6 months, single or multiple entry) 9968
Longer-term (valid for up to 2 years) 37878
Longer-term (valid for up to 5 years) 68726
Longer-term (valid for up to 10 years) 86249

How many UK citizens live in Russia?

Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) estimates

Rank Country Number of British residents, 2006
57 Russia 6,100
58 Ghana 5,900
59 Zambia 5,800
60 Poland 5,600