What does winching mean in Scottish?

The Scottish Dictionary defines the word winch as a verb meaning “to court or date”. In real life Glasgow patter it can mean so much else. There can be very few Glaswegians who haven’t had a winch – a kiss or a snog – on the way home from the dancing.

What is winching slang?

May 19, 2016 yanira.vargas. “Wench” began as a general term for a girl or woman, and over the centuries acquired a variety of meanings, including female servant, lower-class female, and prostitute. It is mostly used today as a jokingly affectionate archaic allusion to Shakespearean ribaldry.

What is a winch kiss?

In Scotland, ‘Winch’ means: kissing with tongues.

What does ya Bassa mean in Scottish?

ya bass, term of abuse, often used in gang slogans. 1972 George Friel Mr Alfred M. A. (1999) 528: The application of the phrase caused some dispute at first.

What’s a jobby in Scotland?

jobbie (plural jobbies) (In particular Scotland, slang) Faeces; a piece of excrement. quotations ▼ (informal) Generic object, thing.

Is winch a bad word?

It’s most often used as a joke or an insult, but technically it can mean a country girl, a servant, a loose woman, or simply a young woman. Winch comes from the Old English word wince, which meant “pully.” I’ve used winches on sailboats to pull and tighten line—a winch is any type of crank.

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What is a Jakey in Scotland?

/ (ˈdʒeɪkɪ) / noun. Scot slang, derogatory a homeless alcoholic.

What is a weegie in Scotland?

Weegie, n. and adj.: A native or inhabitant of Glasgow; a Glaswegian. Bam, n.2: A foolish, annoying, or obnoxious person; (also spec.) a belligerent or disruptive person.

What is a poke in Scotland?

Poke – To prod, or in Scotland referring to a cone-shaped container often used to serve fish and chips.

What is a Choob?

Choob is gaming slang for a high-level player that acts like a noob, or “a newbie,” to annoy or disrespect other players.

Who is the biggest gangster in Glasgow?

Arthur Thompson (September 1931 – 13 March 1993) was a Scottish gangster who was active in Glasgow from the 1950s and took charge of organised crime in the city for over thirty years.

Arthur Thompson (gangster)

Arthur Thompson
Died 13 March 1993 (aged 61) Glasgow, Scotland
Occupation Organised crime boss

What does Ya Basta mean in Scottish?

¡ Ya basta ! …or I’ll go tonto

Incidentally, tonto is also used in Scotland with a similar meaning to the Spanish word, although it has more of a sense of uncontrollable fervour/rage.

What does tongs Bass mean?

“Tongs ya bass”. A saying, a war cry, a slogan that at one point seemed to appear on walls in every corner of the city. Over the years it has become universally linked to the city of Glasgow and the gangs that have lurked within.

How do you say poop in Scotland?

Keech – Scottish for faeces. Can be used in a sentence for someone who you think is talking rubbish or nonsense (Listen ya bam awa an’ stop talkin keech.)

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What does Dobber mean in Scotland?

Noun. dobber (plural dobbers) Alternative form of dauber (“marker pen used for bingo cards”) quotations ▼ (UK, derogatory) A member of the working class in Scotland or Ireland who is seen as undereducated, with poor taste, especially in clothes, and poor social skills; closely connected to chav.

Where did the word Jobbie come from?

Jobby, which is generally considered the polite word in Scots, is one of a number of words in the language equivalent to the English turd. However, it is also true that in North East Scots (or Doric) a jobby can also mean exactly that – a little job or task.