What happens at London Dungeons?

Is The London Dungeon scary?

Most visitors find the attraction scary, but also find there are some funnier, light-hearted moments throughout the tour. The Drop Dead Drop Ride is usually a huge hit and a big surprise, as is the beginning of the tour with the Descent. The Jack The Ripper show is well done, and quite scary!

What rides are at London Dungeons?

What is the Dungeon

  • The Descent.
  • The Tyrant Boat Ride.
  • Tower Warden.
  • Guy Fawkes’ Gunpowder Plot.
  • Drop Dead: Drop Ride.
  • View all shows.

How long do the London dungeons take?

We recommend allowing 60-75 minutes for your experience. Save up to 30% when you book online with our Online Saver ticket!

Do you get wet at London Dungeons?

You don’t get soaked on the ride, but guests are alerted that they may get wet / sprayed. It’s nothing like a log flume or other water rides specifically created to make you wet.

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Are there real rats in The London Dungeon?

We do have real rats at The London Dungeon, however they live in their very own customised rat house, so you can look at them without having to come into contact with them.

Is London Dungeon claustrophobic?

5 answers. It can be more claustrophobic in parts than others. m but you can exit at any stage. Just let the team know and you can skip bits or come out.

Do you need ID for London Dungeons?

When collecting tickets we ask that you bring photographic identification with you. This would need to be a valid document with both your name and a clear photograph on it. We suggest a full or provisional drivers licence or a passport.

Is London Dungeon good for adults?

While perhaps a fun outing for families with young children, this is definitely not meant for older teens or adults – many of the thrills are cheap or based on childish gross-out gags. A much more frightening (if much shorter) experience can be found in the scary section of Madame Tussaud’s.

How tall is The London Dungeon drop ride?

If you do choose to ride, the drop is 10 metres and happens 3 times. over a year ago.

Is there an age limit for the London Dungeons?

The recommended age for The London Dungeon is 12 years and above, however it is up to the discretion of the accompanying adult. Many children enter The London Dungeon and enjoy the experience, but please be aware it does get very dark inside the building and there are lots of loud noises.

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What happens if you are late to London Dungeons?

If you miss your time slot we are unable to guarantee entry due to reduced capacity. Please note: Amendments can only be made prior to your original time/date booked.

Do you have to go on the rides at London Dungeon?

The Drop Ride is an optional ride and if you fancy a reprieve, you can skip the ride! it is not accessible for guests who are unable to walk unaided or guests who cannot use stairs. Please note, this ride is subject to availability.

Can I take a bag into London Dungeon?

To make your visit as safe, secure and enjoyable as possible we have enhanced security checks in place. These include bag and personal belonging checks, which will be carried out for guests prior to entry. Bags and belongings will be searched [and screened] before being allowed in.

How long does the London Eye take?

How long does it take to go round the London Eye? The gradual rotation in one of the 32 high-tech glass capsules takes approximately 30 minutes and gives you an ever-changing perspective of London. You can skip most of the queues with a fast-track entry ticket.