What percentage of pilots in the Battle of Britain were Polish?

Nearly three-quarters of the Polish pilots served in 11 Group, and, at the height of the Battle, they constituted 10 percent of the Group’s total strength. On 15 September 1940, now celebrated as ‘Battle of Britain Day’, one in five of the pilots in action was Polish.

How many Polish pilots were in the Battle of Britain?

Polish Pilots During the Battle of Britain

A total of 145 experienced and battle-hardened Polish airmen fought in the Battle of Britain – 79 airmen in various RAF squadrons, 32 in No. 302 (Polish) Fighter Squadron and 34 in No. 303 (Polish) Fighter Squadron.

What nationality were the pilots in the Battle of Britain?

During the Battle of Britain one fifth of Fighter Command’s aircrew came from overseas and 16 nations were represented in its squadrons. A total of 126 New Zealanders, 98 Canadians, 33 Australians and 25 South Africans participated. They were joined by three Rhodesians, a Jamaican, a Barbadian and a Newfoundlander.

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How many Polish pilots were in the RAF in ww2?

A total of 145 Polish fighter pilots served in the RAF during the Battle of Britain, making up the largest non-British contribution. By the end of the war, around 19,400 Poles were serving in the Polish Air Force in Great Britain and in the RAF.

How good were the Polish pilots in the Battle of Britain?

Overall the Squadron scored nearly three times the number of kills of the average British fighter squadron with one third the casualty rate. In fact, the Polish record was so impressive that Stanley Vincent, the RAF commander of the base at Northolt, took it upon himself to verify their claims.

Did the Polish won the Battle of Britain?

The first Polish victory came on 19 July 1940 when Pilot Officer Antoni Ostowicz of No. 145 Squadron shared in the destruction of a Heinkel He 111. Sadly, on 11 August, he became the first of his countrymen to be killed in the Battle. The first victory by a national unit – a Junkers Ju 88 – was achieved by No.

How many planes did the Polish shoot down in the Battle of Britain?

Once committed to action, the Poles flew and fought superbly, shooting down 203 enemy aircraft for the loss of 29 pilots killed.

Did England help Poland in ww2?

They were loyal allies to the British. They suffered terrible losses.” Britain was bound to defend Poland from attack by Germany in a mutual pact of loyalty between the two nations signed in August 1939. After their troops could not hold off the German invasion, much of the Polish military came to Britain to re-group.

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Which British pilot shot down the most planes in ww2?

“Bob” Braham brought down 29 enemy aircraft during WWII.

How many Czech pilots fought in the Battle of Britain?

At the start of the battle, the Czechs were distributed throughout already established Fighter Command squadrons. However, they were given their own squadron – 310. In total 84 Czechs fought in the Battle of Britain and they gained a reputation for aggressive aerial combat.

How many pilots are left from the Battle of Britain?

There are now just two surviving Battle of Britain pilots left. Farnes, a Hurricane pilot, was the last surviving ace, an accolade referring to those who brought down at least five enemy planes. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal, the highest honour in the air force for non-officers.

How many German planes were lost in the Battle of Britain?

More than 1700 Luftwaffe (German air force) planes were destroyed. The 2662 German casualties included many experienced aircrew, and the Luftwaffe never fully recovered from the reverse it suffered in August-October 1940. The Royal Air Force (RAF) lost 1250 aircraft, including 1017 fighters.

Did Poland have tanks in ww2?

The TK-3 (TK) and TKS light turretless reconnaissance tanks, commonly called tankettes (in Polish: tankietka), were the most numerous armoured vehicles of the Polish Army at the outbreak of World War II in September 1939. Their number of over 500 vehicles constituted formally a significant tank force.

Who was the best pilot in the Battle of Britain?

Leading aces

Rank Pilot Nationality
1 Flt Lt Eric Lock United Kingdom
2 Sqn Ldr Archie McKellar United Kingdom
3 Sgt James Lacey United Kingdom
4 Sgt Josef František Czechoslovakia
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What happened to the Polish 303 Squadron?

No. 303 Squadron RAF was formed in July 1940 in Blackpool, England before deployment to RAF Northolt on 2 August as part of an agreement between the Polish Government in Exile and the United Kingdom. It had a distinguished combat record and was disbanded in December 1946.

Who was the highest scoring pilot of the Battle?

The highest scoring ace of the war is considered to be the Soviet pilot Nikolai Sutyagin who claimed 22 kills.