What trophies have Scotland Rugby won?

Scotland have won the title outright 14 times and shared the championship a further eight times. Scotland have won three Grand Slams (including the Triple Crown) in 1925, 1984 and 1990, in addition to a further seven Triple Crowns. They also contest the Calcutta Cup with England as part of the championship.

Has Scotland won the Triple Crown?

To defeat all opponents in a Championship campaign earned the name, the Grand Slam, while emerging victorious against all home countries saw another mythical trophy created: the Triple Crown. Scotland have won the Grand Slam on three occasions: 1925, 1984 and 1990, in addition capturing a further seven Triple Crowns.

Who has won the 6 Nations the most?

England and Wales have won the championship the most times, both with 39 titles, but England have won the most outright titles with 29.

Six Nations Championship.

Current season or competition: 2022 Six Nations Championship
The Guinness Six Nations logo
Most titles England and Wales (39 titles)
Website www.sixnationsrugby.com
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What is the trophy between Scotland and France?

The Auld Alliance Trophy is a trophy in rugby union awarded to the winner of the annual Six Nations Championship match between France and Scotland.

Which rugby player has the most trophies?

Brad Thorn, Rugby Star, Keeps Winning Titles at 37 – The New York Times.

When did Scotland win 5 nations?

Scotland won the last-ever Five Nations Championship in 1999 with a last minute win by Wales over England.

Which country has won the most Triple Crowns in rugby?

England have won the accolade the most times, having secured 26 Triple Crowns, with their most recent coming in 2020. Behind them comes Wales with 22 while Ireland have 11 and Scotland have ten.

Has there ever been a 0 0 in rugby?

Supporters looked on in amazement as both sides repeatedly cancelled each other out before the encounter amazingly finished 0-0. No game of professional rugby union has ever finished scoreless and the last time it happened at the top level was between Scotland and New Zealand in 1964.

Who has won the most Triple Crowns?

Ronnie O’Sullivan has won 20 Triple Crown titles—the most by any player in history—including a record seven UK titles and a record seven Masters titles.

Who has won the most 5 nations?

Who has won the most Five Nations titles?

  • France, 20 Titles.
  • Wales, 19 Titles.
  • England, 13 Titles.
  • Ireland, 8 Titles.
  • Scotland, 5 Titles.

How long did the Auld Alliance Last?

In 1558, the alliance between the two kingdoms was revived with the marriage of Mary, Queen of Scots to the future Francis II of France, but it lasted only until 1560 when Francis died prematurely.

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What is the oldest trophy in rugby?

The Calcutta Cup is the oldest rugby trophy and a private affair, going back to 1878, and it is up for grabs this Saturday. The Calcutta Cup looks Indian and indeed comes from India. There was a club formed in Calcutta in 1873, which would make it one of the oldest clubs in the world if it were still in existence.

Who is the best rugby team in UK?


  • 1 England National Rugby Union Team86%
  • 2 England National Rugby Union Sevens Team83%
  • 3 England Women’s National Rugby Union Team82%
  • 4 Wales National Rugby Union Team77%
  • 5 New Zealand National Rugby Union Team77%
  • 6 Scotland National Rugby Union Team75%
  • 7 Ireland National Rugby Union Team72%

Who is the best rugby club in the UK?

Current rankings

Rank Team 2013–14 Points
1 Leinster 5
2 Toulon 11
3 Wasps 7
4 Stade Toulousain 5