What was life like in Britain in the 1700s?

Cities were dirty, noisy, and overcrowded. London had about 600,000 people around 1700 and almost a million residents in 1800. The rich, only a tiny minority of the population, lived luxuriously in lavish, elegant mansions and country houses, which they furnished with comfortable, upholstered furniture.

What was it like to live in the 1700s?

What was life like in the 18th century? Poor people ate rather plain and monotonous diets made up primarily of bread and potatoes; meat was an uncommon luxury. Poor craftsmen and laborers lived in just two or three rooms, and the poorest families lived in just one room with very simple and plain furniture.

What was happening in Britain in 1700s?

Events. 27 February – the island of New Britain is discovered by William Dampier in the western Pacific. early March – William Congreve’s comedy The Way of the World is first performed at the New Theatre, Lincoln’s Inn Fields. 25 March – Treaty of London signed between France, England and Holland.

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What was it like to be poor in the 1700s?

Poverty rates throughout the 1700s were high. Many families struggled to pay for their daily bread, and lived below the ‘breadline’ in abject conditions. Illnesses, accidents and old-age also prevented people from working, again resulting in poverty and often destitution.

What British era was the 1700s?

The Georgian era is a period in British history from 1714 to c. 1830–37, named after the Hanoverian Kings George I, George II, George III and George IV.

What did houses look like in the 1700s?

They had wooden floors covered with rugs and paneled walls. They had plenty of well-built furniture including chairs, couches, and large beds with feather mattresses. They often were two or three stories tall. One popular style in the 1700s was the Georgian Colonial home.

What was life like 1775?

In 1775, people traveled only as fast as they could walk, ride a horse, or sail a boat. A sixty-mile drive today that would take an hour would take two to four days in 1775. Travel by sailing ship from Charleston to Boston might take a month, while travel from Charleston to Britain might take two months or more.

How was life in the 17th century?

The life of an average family in late 17th century England was simple, let laborious. Many lived in one or two room houses that were often crowded with large families, as well as lodgers that shared their living space.

What was happening in the 1770s?

The Boston Massacre was a deadly riot that occurred on March 5, 1770, on King Street in Boston. It began as a street brawl between American colonists and a lone British soldier, but quickly escalated to a chaotic, bloody slaughter.

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What important things happened in the 17th century?

In this article, we will look at 7 key events that took place during the 17th Century.

  • The crowns of England and Scotland unite (1603) …
  • Russia’s Time of Troubles ends (1613) …
  • Europe’s Thirty Year War (1618–48) …
  • The Mayflower brings the Pilgrims to North America (1620) …
  • The Fall of China’s Ming Dynasty (1644)

What major events happened in the 1700s?


  • 1701- 1714: War of the Spanish Succession.
  • 1703: Saint Petersburg founded by Peter the Great. …
  • 1707: Act of Union passed merging the Scottish and the English Parliaments, thus establishing The Kingdom of Great Britain.
  • 1707: After Aurangzeb’s death, the Mughal Empire enters a long decline.

What was life like in the 16th century?

The sixteenth century was a period of population rise and price inflation. The social pressure on those with wealth to display it was considerable. Fortunes were poured into building grand houses and providing lavish hospitality.

What were the 1700s like in America?

BY THE MID-1700s, across the American colonies, it was clear that the settlers had become increasingly less English. Travelers described Americans as coarse-looking country folk. Most colonial folk wore their hair very long. Women and girls kept their hair covered with hats, hoods, and kerchiefs.

How did Britain become so powerful in the 1700s?

There is no doubt that Britain was powerful. It used its wealth, its armies and its navy to defeat rival European countries and to conquer local peoples to establish its empire. However, the empire did not just rely on force. In most of the empire Britain relied heavily on local people to make it work.

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What is the 1700 era called?

The 1700s became known as the “Age of Enlightenment” as Enlightenment ideals such as freedom and equality became prominent among lower class citizens, and there was an occurrence of several revolts and revolutionaries to bring about change in society.

Who held power in the 1700s?

Who held power in the 1700s? Why? Power in the 1700s was solely given to monarchs, despite Parliaments struggle to control. any monarchs ruled with absolute power and citizens were expected to obey them.