Which is the best Wetherspoons in the UK?

What’s the best Wetherspoons in England?

So here are our our top ten Wetherspoons across the UK!

  • The Gold Cape, Flintshire.
  • The Ice Wharf, London. …
  • The Booking Office, Edinburgh. …
  • The Sir Richard Owen, Lancaster. …
  • The Henry Bessemer, Workington. …
  • The Waterhouse, Manchester. …
  • Stick Or Twist, Leeds. …
  • The Red Well, Wellingborough. …

Which Wetherspoons are the nicest?

The 10 most beautiful Wetherspoons in the UK – including former cinemas and old bingo halls

  • The Royal Victoria Pavilion, Ramsgate. …
  • The Velvet Coaster, Blackpool. …
  • The Caley Picture House, Edinburgh. …
  • The Palladium, Llandudno. …
  • The Counting House, Glasgow. …
  • Hamilton Hall, London. …
  • The Knights Templar, London.

What is the biggest Wetherspoons in the UK?

The Royal Victoria Pavilion, Ramsgate is the biggest Wetherspoons in the UK (Image: KentLive)1 of 6.

What is the best Wetherspoons in the country?

We Ranked The Best Wetherspoons In The Country

  • The Counting House, Glasgow.
  • The West Kirk, Ayr.
  • The Chief Justice Of The Common Pleas, Keswick.
  • The North Wester, Liverpool Lime Street Station.
  • The Moon Under Water, Manchester.
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Where was the 1st Wetherspoons?

Forty years ago, on 9 December 1979, the first Wetherspoon pub opened in north London, in Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill. Formerly, it had been a bookies. For the first month of trading, it was called Martin’s Free House – after its owner, Wetherspoon’s founder and chairman Tim Martin.

What is the biggest pub in the UK?

The largest pub in the UK is the Moon Under the Water; this Wetherspoon pub was originally built as the Regal cinema in 1937 and seated 1,300 people.

What’s the biggest Wetherspoons in London?

1. The Crosse Keys, The City. A flagship Wetherspoon, parping with pomp and circumstance, The Crosse Keys is all marbled columns, coffered ceilings, Victorian Baroque façade and a boozing arena large enough to house a fleet of Routemasters.

How much is Tim Martin of Wetherspoons worth?

Wetherspoons chairman Tim Martin came under fire this week as some of his 872 branches ran out of beer – but few people realise his £448million net worth started with running just one pub. The much-loved pub chain is known for its cheap food and drink, and is almost always the least expensive drinking venue in a town.

What is Wetherspoons smallest?

The smallest wetherspoons in England – The Banker’s Draft

  • Europe.
  • England.
  • London.
  • London Restaurants.
  • The Banker’s Draft.

Which town has the most Wetherspoons?

In terms of the highest raw number of Wetherspoon pubs Birmingham has by far the most with 16 followed by Cornwall with 11. Across the whole of the UK there are 920 Wetherspoon branches of which around 40 are hotels as well as pubs.

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What is the smallest pub in England?

About The Nutshell

With a bar that measures just 15ft by 7ft, The Nutshell proudly holds the title of smallest pub in Britain as confirmed in the Guinness Book of Records.

How many JD Wetherspoons are there in the UK?

JD Wetherspoon: number of pubs in the UK and Ireland 2007-2021. JD Wetherspoon operated 861 pubs in the UK and Ireland in 2021. Although this followed a declining trend in the last few years, the number of Wetherspoon outlets is still higher than ten years ago; In 2009 the number of pubs was at 731 and climbing.

What is the biggest pub in Europe?

The drie Gezuisters is the biggest pub in Europe. The name is coming from the three houses which are connected with each other. You can find for every occasion a good place. Even a rotating bar or an ice bar is available.

What music does Wetherspoons play?

There’s no music

There is no music playing in Wetherspoons pubs. Apparently, Martin decided against playing tunes after reading an article by George Orwell, which claimed that a perfect pub would be free from any background music.

How many Wetherspoons are there in the UK in 2021?

How many J D Wetherspoon Pubs locations are there in the United Kingdom in 2021? There are 856 J D Wetherspoon Pubs locations in the United Kingdom as of December 28, 2021.