Who were the Puritans and what did they want quizlet?

the puritans are a group of people who lived in massachusetts and came originally from england. they wanted to reform the church of england by simplifying ceremonies, changing authorities, and interpreting the bible differently. a covenant is an agreement made with God. The Puritans believed that they had one.

Who were Puritans quizlet?

The Puritans were Protestants who wanted to reform or “purify” the Church of England. They renounced elaborate rituals and argued that a hierarchy of religious leaders was unnecessary.

Who are the Puritans and what did they do?

The Puritans were members of a religious reform movement known as Puritanism that arose within the Church of England in the late 16th century. They believed the Church of England was too similar to the Roman Catholic Church and should eliminate ceremonies and practices not rooted in the Bible.

Who were the Puritans and what did they believe quizlet?

The Puritans believed that the God ruled everything including who was worthy of salvation. The Puritans believed that the Church of England still have the Catholic influence. The Puritans did not want to break away from the Church of England, but they wanted to reformed it.

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What did the Puritans want quizlet?

They wanted religious freedom. They wanted to “purify”or fix the King’s Church to make it pure again. They felt that the King’s church was too fancy and that it should be plain so that people could focus on the words of the Bible.

What are Puritan beliefs?

The Puritans believed God had chosen a few people, “the elect,” for salvation. The rest of humanity was condemned to eternal damnation. But no one really knew if he or she was saved or damned; Puritans lived in a constant state of spiritual anxiety, searching for signs of God’s favor or anger.

What was the primary objective of the Puritans?

The Puritans were Protestant reformers who originated in England. Later they spread to the American colonies of New England. Their goal was to “purify” religion and politics of corruption.

What is Puritan literature?

Puritan literature relied on a first-person narrative. Puritan authors approached writing from a personal point of view, with many of their writings coming in the form of journals, diaries, and day-to-day experiences.

Why did the Puritans come to North America?

They came to explore, to make money, to spread and practice their religion freely, and to live on land of their own. The Pilgrims and Puritans came to America to practice religious freedom. In the 1500s England broke away from the Roman Catholic Church and created a new church called the Church of England.

What did the Puritans want to do to the Church of England?

The Puritans wanted the Church of England to become pure by getting rid of Catholic practices. The Puritan wanted to “purify” the Church of England of its remaining Catholic influence and rituals and to return to the simple faith of the New Testament.

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Who were Quakers quizlet?

The Religious society of friends. A time of political, scientific, and religious exploration. People began questioning the church.

What was the Puritan code of ethics?

Since Puritans were expected to live by a rigid moral code, they believed that all sins—from sleeping in church to stealing food—should be punished. They also believed God would punish sinful behavior.

How did the Puritans get their name quizlet?

How did the Puritans get their name? They wanted to “purify” the Church of England. What famous Separatist group lived at the time of James I?

What did Puritans value?

Finally, many Americans have adopted the Puritan ethics of honesty, responsibility, hard work, and self-control. Puritans played an important role in American history, but they no longer influenced American society after the seventeenth century.

How did the Puritans want to reform the Church of England quizlet?

How did the Puritans want to reform the Church of England? They wanted to purify it of Roman Catholic abuses.