Your question: Where does lavender grow in Ireland?

Suitable growing areas in Ireland include the south east, south coast and areas in the east where rainfall levels are relatively low. Plants are hardy enough to tolerate moderate frost and some snow and will flower well in relatively cool climates. High humidity is not tolerated by lavender.

Is lavender Hardy in Ireland?

Lavandula Augustifolia (English Lavender) has several varieties and is a popular hardy shrub: Hidcote with its stunning dark purple flowers, remains a gardener’s favourite and is suitably hardy for the Irish climate. Once fully mature, the plant will grow to a height and spread of about 1 metre/3 feet.

Can lavender grow outside in Ireland?

In the Irish garden, lavender makes an excellent, fast-growing, evergreen, wildlife-friendly low hedge.

Is there lavender in Ireland?

There are actually only three commercial Ireland lavender fields to see. These are true lavender flower fields in Ireland where you can see rows of the famous purple bushes.

Where do lavender grow best?

Lavenders thrive in the arid West, but are best grown as annuals or container plants in the South, as they do not thrive in areas of high humidity (with the exception of Lavandula dentata and L. stoechas). Most are hardy from Zones 5 to 9; Spanish Lavender (L. stoechas) is only hardy in Zones 7 to 9.

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What time of year can I plant lavender?

The best time to plant tender lavender is in spring, from March through to May. If you have heavy soil, improve drainage by adding horticultural grit to the planting hole before planting. Planting on a slight mound can also help prevent water-logging. Plant lavender at the same depth it was in its pot.

Where should I plant lavender in my garden?

When & Where to Plant Lavender

Light: Lavender needs full sun and well-drained soil to grow best. In hot summer climates, afternoon shade may help them thrive. Soil: Lavender grows best in low to moderately-fertile soils, so don’t amend the soil with organic matter before planting.

Does lavender come back every year?

Lavender is a Low-Maintenance Perennial

And this beauty will come back to your garden every year, for about 3-5 years, so it’s a great investment. What is this? Before you make any plant purchases, however, I want to remind you to always choose plants that thrive in your plant hardiness zone.

What is lavender good for in the garden?

Lavender provides good germ-fighting properties and also promotes healing. In the garden, take advantage of the benefits of lavender flowers in beckoning pollinators. Place lavender bushes strategically near a vegetable garden to lure bees and other pollinators.

What month does lavender bloom?

English lavender blooms in late spring to early summer. If it’s pruned lightly just after its first flowering, it will likely flower again in late summer. After this second flowering, a full pruning—typically in late August—will prepare it for winter and encourage more blooms in spring.

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Does Ireland have lavender fields?

Wexford Lavender Farm, Wexford

This picturesque Irish farm is set in the middle of the rolling countryside of North Wexford. There are four acres of lavender to explore here, and the farm is just over an hour’s drive from Dublin. It’s open to visitors every day, except Mondays and bank holidays.

Can you make money growing lavender in Ireland?

You can earn as much as $120,000 per acre in ideal conditions by selling fresh or dried lavender. And you can earn even more by creating your own value-added lavender products like soaps or lotions. The great thing about lavender is that you can grow it for a profit on nearly any scale.

What climate does lavender need to grow?

Lavender Climate Requirements

Lavender needs at least 6-8 hours of daily sun exposure and prefers warm and moderately dry climates, mild winters and sunny summers. The plant originated from Mediterranean countries, where average temperatures of 68-86°F (20-30°C) during spring-early summer are common.

Does lavender smell good?

Restful, serene and floral, lavender is one of the most beloved scents we use today. Its soft purple buds clustered around a tall sprig symbolize grace, calmness and even luxury.

Do bees like lavender?

If you ever wondered, does lavender attract bees, then you’ll be pleased to know it’s a great addition. Lavender is one of the most versatile plants on our list, ideal for gardens, pots, flowerbeds and anywhere else you want to include it.

How long does lavender take to grow?

Lavender is a slow grower and may take one to three months to reach transplanting size. The greatest threat to lavender seeds and seedlings is fungus. Keep soil mix moist, but provide good air circulation to help reduce disease outbreaks.

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